Monday, November 2, 2009

H. A .Double L. O. W. Double E N!

This year's creation. Nothing special, but it is such a fun tradition.
Hyrum was a firefighter.... let's just say his outfit was a cheap creation by me. And didn't last long on Halloween.
Adelaide wore Hyrum's six month outfit (at ten months) and had the pants up to her knees. She was a sweet little bee though.
The kids at mom and dad's.
Seeing the witches.

Halloween was fun. I helped plan a party with a relief society sister for those who are less active. We had a lot of families come. Then I forced, yes forced, Hyrum to go down two long streets. He threw a fit every two houses or so, but I persevered! I was proud of myself, because dealing with him makes me want to turn him into a toad sometimes. He ended up with a lot of candy that we will be eating for weeks and weeks.