Monday, February 27, 2012

Healing in October

Look at all my fun equipment. Yikes. I don't miss all that. This was one of the worst times in my life. I was not made to be dependent on everyone and anyone.
Left leg and its swelling.
The cool cast I designed. I also designed something to scratch my leg with. The problem was I had so many stitches in that I may have scratched them out. :)

September and the " freak accident"

Me in the hospital after my bones were set. Notice my wrapped legs. lol... I am doing an exercise to keep from getting Pneumonia. And am HATING using bedpans.
After surgery. I have the external fixator in my leg. Holes drilled into six places in my bones. Not fun and psychologically disturbing.
You can sort of see where the rods are drilled into my bone.
Cody took this just as the swelling in my left leg started in the ER. The picture below is my right foot in the ER before anything was set. Hurt like Hades. Can you tell?

Aren't you glad I posted the pictures Cody took in the ER? In September, I was on my way to get a diet coke when a step that is against building codes nearly killed me. I lay on the ground with my diet coke dreams on hold and a dislocated right ankle and four serious breaks in my leg. The left leg was sprained badly. 911 was called and they took my sorry butt to the ER. I had two surgeries two weeks apart to get things organized. This was the joy of my September.