Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Christmas

Hyrum and Adelaide were totally into Christmas this year. Adelaide was super excited every time she saw Santa, while Hyrum took to yelling, "I hate Santa!" Dumb kid.
This year we had a very frugal Christmas, with just three presents under the tree. I loved it because the kids were very excited anyway. In fact, the present that got the most oohs and ahhs and squeals was... A BOX OF POWDERED DOUGHNUTS. No joke.
Our Christmas Tree.... Oh what fun. Not much else to report, but just in case anyone out there was curious.

Apple Valley's Christmas Tree.... For Real

No Joke: This is the famous Apple Valley Christmas Tree that they light up every year. They had a little festival... I took the kids... let's just say it was about as sad as the tree. Can anyone say Charlie Brown?

Adelaide's Birthday

Does anyone even read this blog anymore? :) Anyway, here is a picture of Adelaide's birthday cake. She turned 2 on Dec 22nd and had a great day! She is a fan of 'SCARY THINGS" so that is why she had a Halloweenish cake.