Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Halloween Post....FINALLY

Ah, Halloween. At time for Friends.... (My friend Marlana and her boys and us)
Prancing around in the Pumpkin Patch, Cute Cheerleaders..... (Adelaide)

And Handsome Devils..... (Hyrum.... oh I laughed so hard at this picture)

I sat in my trunk at the church for three hours (as a bee caught in a spider's nest) and handed out awesome candy bags. There were SO MANY people there!! A lot of them were EXTREMELY weird, as the trunk or treat is open to anyone and everyone. I ended up freezing and getting a really bad cold. But my car was the coolest and random people took pictures of it.
Playing inside a huge pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

My little devil can be sweet sometimes.
And he is OBSESSED with SCARY things... just like his sister. They could have spent hours in the Halloween section at the store with me. They are totally my kids!
Peek a boo!

That is it folks. Sorry it took me so long. It is funny how I post like 10 times a day on my website but hardly ever on here..... but I do want to let you see my cute little demon kids! So there you go.