Monday, November 2, 2009

H. A .Double L. O. W. Double E N!

This year's creation. Nothing special, but it is such a fun tradition.
Hyrum was a firefighter.... let's just say his outfit was a cheap creation by me. And didn't last long on Halloween.
Adelaide wore Hyrum's six month outfit (at ten months) and had the pants up to her knees. She was a sweet little bee though.
The kids at mom and dad's.
Seeing the witches.

Halloween was fun. I helped plan a party with a relief society sister for those who are less active. We had a lot of families come. Then I forced, yes forced, Hyrum to go down two long streets. He threw a fit every two houses or so, but I persevered! I was proud of myself, because dealing with him makes me want to turn him into a toad sometimes. He ended up with a lot of candy that we will be eating for weeks and weeks.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mission Reunion and life update.

Yes, I served in the Sydney South Australia Mission. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it was an amazing experience. And yes, I'm glad it is over. :) Sometimes I miss the wonderful life of missionaries, and then I remember how hard it was. I imagine it is like that when your kids are grown and you are wishing you could go back and have them little again. I had my mission reunion the other day. I only knew six people there. It was sad. And I was the only one with kids... I felt old. I guess that is what reunions do to you. Make you feel old.

As for other news... uh... there is none. Sorry! But I will say that my kids are growing. Adelaide is a crawling machine, and Hyrum is becoming more and more of an active "terrible twos" participator. Kill me now!

I recently pimped my ride. I got limo tint in the back of my car as well as tint in the front and some cool seat covers. I am trying to make my car worthwhile and prevent skin cancer. :) Plus I got sick of stains on my car seats and Hyrum complaining the sun was hot. For anyone who is thinking about tinting, it is a great investment!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Biggest Decision Ever!

Yes, in case you are wondering, Cody and I have been having "the talk". Well, several talks to be exact. We are deciding if we want to try again. And shortly after he left, I would have given a faster than fast YES! Now, the best I can manage is a cautious maybe. I have honestly forgiven him for the things he has done. Yet somehow that doesn't take away the fear of the future. So does that mean I haven't truly forgiven him? And it is not just me. I know my lovely family was hurt and upset by his actions also. And I'm sure it goes both ways. So how on earth do you even begin to attempt to put this big ole humpty dumpty back together again? For the life of me, I don't know. Do I still love him? Yes. But does love trump everything else? I don't know. If it were just the two of us involved, perhaps it would be easier. But there are children, inlaws, and even cats involved! I know I will never get married again if both parties aren't one billion percent in it for the long haul. Whether or not it is with my ex-husband.

Ok... on a much lighter note, we adopted three little fish named Shera, Xena, and Rainbow Brite. One week later, Shera, the yellow one, died. :( Boo. Another trip to the potty for us. It is down to the last two warriors.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is happening!

Well folks, after six lovely months of life, Killer has passed away. I knew it was happening, as I could tell the signs and knew he must have been old when I got him. Cause baby, I took great care of that fish! A cleaner aquarium you never did see. Yes, I cried, and yes, I flushed him down the toilet. I felt like a crapper for putting him down one. But I told myself that he wanted one last ride, and it was basically like reading the last rights to flush a fish down the toilet. So good-bye my lovely fish. I never thought I'd love you, but I did.

I recently got a horrible haircut. Why is it that the model always looks better than you? My guess is that the model is 100 times better looking than me, but the hair stylist told me I need to have damaged hair to get that much volume. So that is lame. My hair looked slightly less awful as I did my usual and cut it myself when I got home. But still... I need a paper bag for this thing.

My dates have gone okay. Tyler is a nice boy. I just say boy, cause that is what I think of him as. He seems like a little brother to me. And believe it or not, Ernest is still around. He is growing on me, but I still don't want to marry him. I convinced him to take my friend on a date and so I'm hoping they get distracted with each other. Some how I think I'm going to once again be the Emma of it all.

And the most exciting thing... I got Lasik! Well technically I got PRK, which is the oldest form of it. I wanted to get the new version, but alas, my corneas are shaped funny. Stupid eyes. :( But I saved 600 and had a few days of absolute blindness, but my vision hasn't been this good in soooo long. And it only gets better! I'm grateful that I decided to participate in the clinical study, which saved me a lot of money and so I still have some saved away for a house (haha....a house...) I go to the doctor today to take off my bandage contacts.... so it is all uphill from here! Yeah!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A pauling Paul and Andre the Giant Goatee..

So the title says it all. I went on a date with a guy named Paul. He bossed me around the entire time, saying... "take this over there... don't do that..." ect. Originally he was going to pick me up, but at the last minute was like, "I changed my mind. Meet me downtown." Needless to say, one chance was all this turd got. A few days later I went on a date with a guy named Andre. And all I can say is SMARMY! He looked like he came out of a bad movie. He wore a silky shirt and had one huge nasty Goatee. I am not a fan of facial hair. Never have been, never will be. Yuck. He kept asking me if I liked his goatee. For a while I tried to be polite, and eventually asked, "Do you like mine?" He said "if you had one, I wouldn't be here right now." And I said, "Now you know how I feel." Yes, kind of rude, but he was getting on my nerves. After that he stood up and left. I wasn't offended, I was relieved. I also recently went on a date with a guy named Joel. He was nice, but had no ambition or drive. Honestly, this generation of men is embarrassing. :( I'm supposed to go to a movie with a guy named Tyler this week, so I'll let you know!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Importance of Being Ernest.

Yes, my date's name is Ernest. ERNEST!! My mom claims people can't help what their names are, but I think that is just irresponsible to be called Ernest. We went to dinner and had some nice conversation. He seemed like a nice guy. Until I accidentally mentioned grandpa. I think I said something stupid like, "Oh I think my grandpa gave a talk on that once." I was then in a sticky situation. Lie about grandpa, or just come out with it. I made the wrong decision and told the truth. Needless to say, Grandpa was the topic of our conversation for the rest of the evening. Ernest even tried to impress me with his "Elder Ballard" impersonations. After I pretended like they were good (they weren't) he would do it again, and laugh and laugh and laugh. Let's just say any spark that may of been there was gone in a flash. Finally I told him that if he wanted to date Grandpa I'd give him his number. He actually looked excited for a minute. I'll take a pass from this 'Ernest' apostle hunter. Wish me luck on my date tonight. At least this person is named Paul.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My first bad online dating experience.

What is up with this picture you may ask? Well, I didn't have any others, so here is a random one. Tie it in as you will. :)

Okay, so as you know, I've started the process of "online dating." I have met several great people on there already. But here is the story of my first bad experience. For all intensive purposes, we shall call the guy in the story 'Buttface.'

So Buttface and I had talked several times online, and discovered we had a lot in common. Buttface wanted to meet, and kept nagging me about it, but I am very hesitant to do so. So finally, I decided to have a bunch of people over for pizza one night, and invited him. He seemed a little frustrated that it wasn't going to just be me and him, but he came anyway.

We got along great and had a good time. The next day, we went on a few errands and then to lunch with the kids. I felt very comfortable with him. I did tell him several times that I am a SLOW mover, and have to be friends with someone for a long time before wanting to date seriously. We hung out for several hours. That night, whilst sitting all sweaty and stripped down to the G's, he texted me, "Can I come over?" and I thought. Ugh... NO!

So I thought it was time to tell him, once again, that I wanted to just be friends first. Needless to say, he took it bad. He told me he didn't want to wait for anyone and he was upset with me. I couldn't help feeling bad, but then again, he wants to get serious after hanging out two freaking times?? What is wrong with him? I mean, I know I'm awesome, but still!

What I don't understand is how someone who is also divorced can move so quickly. I need my space, and feel good with my life alone. I think it is something I really need to ease into this time. Perhaps it is because he is a guy, and as all those studies say, men are happier married, and women are happier single. lol...

I haven't heard from him since, and am very releaved. Mom ofcourse told me it was my fault for signing up on the website. What do you all think? However, I am going on a date with a different guy on Thursday, so we shall see. I will post my dating exploits for your enjoyment later.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A new adventure.... AHHHHH!

Believe it or not, I recently joined I have been feeling prompted to do so, so I thought hey, why not? So I did so, only to figure out that it cost me $60.00 to realize I'm not ready for anything serious. However, I also feel like the most popular person in the world! haha... It is funny how confident people are when they don't have to actually "talk" to someone! I've been asked on a lot of dates, and luckily have the excuse of no babysitter to fall back on. However, I have met some nice people that there may be a chance for something, if they are willing to wait. So here is to my terrifying new adventure!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Father's Day toooooo Meeeeee!

Here are my babies... in no particular order. Above is Lola and Fur shortly after I got Fur. Below is Lola and Frank (my little kitty angel) shortly after we got Frank.
This next picture makes me laugh. I was soooo tired!! But there I am with baby Hyrum. Oh how I love him!
Here I am again, slightly less tired, with baby Adelaide. She is a mommy's girl, no doubt!
And here I am, the handsome Father. :)
Father's day was nice. I felt sad to only see John for about four seconds before he had to go back to Cali, but I got to see Wendy and the kids. Also, I got to see Grandpa Roper and of course my dad. It was a nice day, and lovely to see the accomplishments of the wonderful fathers out there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Six Months to Adelaide!

Well, it has been just over six months since my lovely daughter was forced to enter the world. She has been a WONDERFUL addition to our family, and we all love her very much. She is so sweet and easy to take care of. Here she is with her cake.
And here we are eating some of it.

It was very tasty.

We are happy we have made it healthy and happy to six months! Now here's to a year!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Intimidation Factor

I have been told many times that I can be very intimidating. So now I must ask.... what the?? So my question to you all is... the first time you met me, did you feel at all intimidated? If so, why? If not, why not? And since that first time, have you been intimidated? Like I said, I'm trying to improve myself... and I certainly don't want to be scary!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A few ideas

Well it is good to know I don't creep people out too bad! I think that this blog, whether people read it or not, is helping me figure out this strange time in my life. Things are going well here. For mother's day, my mom said all she wanted was to be left alone. So I kind of forgot it was mother's day at all. I think I stayed home after church and ate a lean cuisine. Not very special at all. Mother's day is different in my situation! I've started having an accountability journal of sorts.. for those of you who served missions, you know that we had to keep track of our numbers, and each week we would be asked about them.... aka held accountable for what we had done that week. Each day, I write down some numbers of my own... things I'm trying to improve on. For instance, I write down my weight, how much I spent that day and on what, and if I read my scriptures. All of those things are areas I need to improve on. I've found that I've done so much better with my money and scripture reading. As for weight? Not really... but at least I'm more aware of what I'm up to!

A money saving tip: For an AMAZING organic household cleaner, mix one fourth mixture white vinegar to four parts water. This cleans glass better than glass cleaner, and works wonderfully on every surface!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Opinions please!!

Okay, I hope that my previous blog didn't creep you all out. Since no one responded, I hope I didn't offend anyone's sensibilities. Please let me know if I did. But mostly, I find that these blogs are helpful to me in sorting out my thoughts. Here are some more I've had lately.
I'm wondering if I am a cheapskate. To be Frank, I do not like being around people who are annoyingly "money aware." No, this is not a jab at you Mark, because you are the only exception to this rule. But other than Mark, people who are always trying to save a buck bug me. So what bothers me the most is... I think I am one of them. Ok, I know I am one of them. And I think that this is one thing that makes me unhappy. I'm doing so well lately discovering things I need to improve on, and so I would like your help. How do I be "money wise" without being a scrooge or a cheapskate? For example... tips... how should I do them with the little money I have, without having to feel like a jerk? Or, when I'm asked to donate money to a cause, I often feel like... why should I donate when I don't have enough to pay my own bills? But I don't want to feel like that, and I'd like to donate. How can I save money on expenses while still maintaining a decent standard of living? So first of all, I'd like your opinions on me. Do I come across as needy, a moocher, freeloader, or a money jerk? Please, be honest... I need to know because I want to improve! Second, any great ideas on how to save money? I will be posting random bits on my blog when I hear great ways to save money. So pass them on!! Thanks my friends!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Queer Thoughts (be warned... not for the mollys and peters)

I'm reminded of a character on a tv show saying in response to something snarky about her son, "Oh I don't even know yet if I'm going to make him gay or not." Lately I've been wigging out about making Hyrum gay. What if there is something I am doing or not doing that will make him gay? Is being a single mother going to "make it happen?" And what if he did decide he was gay further down the line? And for that matter, what if Adelaide decided she was? Would I care? Would it bother me more one over the other? I think yes, I would care. And yes, I think it would bother me more if Hyrum were gay over Adelaide. I'm not sure why exactly. I know I would love them no matter what, but I would be sad that they had to deal with all the crap that is involved with being gay. I know this is controversial within the LDS community, but I don't believe people "choose" to be gay, but that they are born with the tendancy to be so. Like everyone, we choose what to do with the feelings we are given. I hope that they would find a way to be okay with their lives and feel good about the decisions they made. Which got me to thinking about me. My sister always tells me I sound gay. Just the things I say I guess. I've never really thought about it. It used to bug me so bad when she'd say that, like I had something to defend. Perhaps since I'm chubby or because I've had "interesting" short hair styles, I felt the need to prove I wasn't gay. And now, it makes me laugh. I could not care any less if people thought I were a lesbian. So what? I know I'm not. However, I like to think of myself as sort of a non-sexual. Or a closet heterosexual. :) I'm just not interested in that. I never have been. While certain friends of mine were into talking about how certain aspects of guys were sexy, I wasn't really. Oh, sure, I pretended, so I wouldn't "sound gay." Not that I didn't notice a good looking or sweet guy, but I didn't think "Oh baby... " like the others. Mostly I just didn't care. For those of you who don't believe me, I'm sorry. It is actually a great way to be. While being married and doing "married things" was part of the job, it wasn't the best thing, and I don't care if I die without those "married things" ever reentering my life. It is nice to feel loved by others, but more important to feel loved by YOURSELF. I feel like this part of my life is a huge self discovery and self acceptance journey. It has been liberating and wonderful. And so, I'm"outing" myself as NOT INTERESTED.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bit of a Rambling Rant

So I was up all night, thinking about the past couple of days. I must agree that the part I hate about spring is all the dang spiders coming out of hiding and into my home. Damn spiders! Yesterday I gathered up all of my kids old clothes and got rid of them. I know what you may be thinking, "That is a mistake... you'll want them when you have more!" Truth is, I don't want any more children. Quite frankly, I don't care if people think I'm a bad Mormon for thinking this way. They can shove it. I've thought so much about this... my mom said she knew she was done after Daniel was born. I had very spiritual experiences knowing about the children I was going to have before I had them, and now I know that I don't want any more. So there. In my truest and deepest heart, I do not see myself every remarrying in this life. Yes, I'd LOVE to have more children, but only when I'm IMMORTAL. And I'd LOVE to be remarried, but only when there are guys who aren't idiots... So the only hope is to wait until the next life. And even then, if I have to be a ministering angel, I'm sure the people I minister to will keep Diet Coke in the fridge for me. I find that after being divorced, being single is like a new lease on life. When I was married, all the decisions I made, from what food I bought to how I spent my time, were criticized. So being on my own, the renewed independence I've found is AMAZING!! Why would I ever want to go back to that? True, not all guys are like that, but I enjoy doing things my way. When I was single before kids and marriage, I was VERY independent. When married, I quickly became unsure of myself and co-dependent. When I was single, I was lonely, now, being divorced, I feel neither single nor lonely... just content. As long as I can remain financially stable,(no, rich will never happen) I can see myself living happily ever after... as a single mother. Okay... if any of you post that I will change my mind, I will tell you to shut it. Because I ALWAYS leave the possibility of me changing my mind there. I always allow myself the right to feel what I feel now, and change my mind later. Nothing wrong with that. For me, holding on to the past, or hoping for some unseen future makes me VERY unhappy. So the plan for me is to take GREAT care of the two children I have now, and only change the things I myself can change, and only look forward to the things that I myself can create. I'm tired of hoping some guy will come out of nowhere and save me. Even when I think about it I get nervous, because I don't exactly want that to happen. I don't want to remarry and have the pressure of having children because he wants to. I don't. I want my body to get in shape, and my life to form into something resembling a life I can control. Just me. Doing the best I can to help my children, and being a little more self centered. Got a problem with that? Take it up with someone who cares. As always, I love hearing your feelings and thoughts, just not pertaining to me being wrong about mine. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hyrum's 2nd Birthday

For Hyrum's second birthday, April 17th, only myself and my mother sang to him. Poor little guy. It was a rather dull birthday, which I kind of felt bad about. He did get Killer, as you saw in the previous blog, and he got a cozy coup, which he loves very much. So all in all, it wasn't too bad. At least he got something! It was nice to have at least my mom remember him on his big day!
I chose this cake for him... as I was buying it, the guy told me that Steve, the guy that used to be on Blue's Clues, killed himself. I was horrified by this. Is that true? Anyway, the cake was still good. Sorry Steve...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our New Addition

A couple weeks ago we became the proud new parents of a male Crowntail Betta Fish. He is a beautiful blue color with bright red fins and tail. Hyrum is in love with him, always wanting to just sit all nice and watch him swim. I never thought I'd be so enamored with a fish, but I enjoy him greatly. I take super good care of this fish, and I hope he is around for a long time. And the lovely cuddly name for this fighter fish? Killer. So Laura, Hyrum, Adelaide, Lola, and Fur welcome the newest addition to the family, Killer.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

Here is Adelaide with her basket.
She really got into the spirit by wearing her bunny ears.
Hyrum did not.
And again, my little darling.
Here they are checking out the goods on Easter morning.
It was fun putting together a little basket for them both. I've decided my tradition on Easter will be to give them books instead of toys. We started that last year with Hyrum. It was a good day, beautiful weather and very peaceful. It is nice to know that even though the Easter Bunny didn't bring me a basket, my Savior not only died for me and us all but rose again so that we can live again too. Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Nutter Neighbors...

So recently my downstairs neighbors moved, which made me sad, because they were some friends of mine. And in moved a major nutter. His snoring is so loud it keeps me up at night. I always end up turning on our bathroom fan to whitenoise him out. And bright and early this morning I was woken to a rearing rendition of "Memories" from Cats the musical. It was quite an interesting take on the song, I assure you. I'm wondering if he has any idea I can hear him so well. But at least until he figures that out I'll be treated to such wonderful musical numbers!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!

Here we are all... my fabulous thighs... (don't look too close!) Fur, Adelaide, Lola, and Hyrum, all enjoying some time on the bed.
Hyrum and Adelaide on Hyrum's big boy bed.
For some reason I really love elephants on baby clothes.... not sure why exactly.
St. Patrick's Day. Hyrum wore a green suit thing, Adelaide had a lucky charms outfit on. Sooo c cute! And yes, I did wear green.
Hyrum, Adelaide, and Natalie in St. George. They had such fun together!
And as for me... I gathered up the courage to ask a guy on a date today... I didn't have his number so I had to do it through facebook... wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Illness Update

It seems the children are almost completely cured. They both came down with RSV, and Adelaide was on a breathing machine for a few days. It was pretty intense... with RSV you can't do much for them. I hate Viruses! Both seem to be recovering, but I am in the throes of it now. Not fun. I'm not sure if I'd rather be sick or have sick kids. Either way it is miserable, and I'd be sick as long as they didn't have to. But it never seems to work that way, does it? So for those of you who had us in your prayers, I thank you. This parenting thing only works with a lot of patience and prayer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A few new obsessions

Lately I've been really into a few things. Number one, the show 'What Not to Wear.' I go through these phases, last time it was home improvement shows, now it is this, and I am just obsessed. I have gone through my wardrobe completely, got rid of things I've had for years, and spent more than I should on a few quality pieces of clothing. And the kicker is, I actually tried EVERYTHING on! That is my new rule... and it really does make a difference. Even though I hate trying clothes on, from now on I'm doing it! I also have a bit of a crush on Clinton Kelly, the gay guy on the show. Why are so many good ones gay? :(
Another obsession, Peanut M&Ms. I don't know how or why now, but I've taken to eating them every spare moment. I know I should just have some self control, but I don't. I found myself thinking I should start exercising, and so I sat on my exercise ball and started bouncing, only to find myself shoving handfuls of those darn m&ms in my pig mouth! So yes, that is another obsession. And I'm not even pregnant so my excuses are non-existent. Here is Hyrum looking stylish for church in his new church clothes that collect cat hair like nobody's business.

I got a toddler bed as a hand me down, and I painted it, and put cute little room themed stars and moons and clouds on it. Then I put hand me down twin sized sheets on the bed... they actually work really well, I just tucked them around and so they stay on nicely. And a few of Hyrum's blue blanket complete the bed nicely. Here Adelaide is enjoying the bed... (sorry! not for a few more years kiddo!)
I had Hyrum try his bed out. He loves it to death. But when I decided to let him sleep in it at night, I checked on him at 5 A.M. and found him curled up on the floor. So he gets the crib a bit longer. :)
Well, it is snowing like mad outside, and both of my kids are really sick with a cold/fever... :( Every single time Hyrum goes with his dad for the week he comes back sick. It is the only thing I can count on Cody for... making the kids sick. Well, adios!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Britta's Inspiration

I just copied and pasted this from Britta's blog... I think it sounds like fun! And I agreed with Britta's conditions.

Homemade gifts giveaway!!! as in FREE-E-E-E!

I got this on my friend's blog. In order for me to receive a handmade gift from her, I have to post it on my blog as well. I am a little excited to play this game!
So if you want to play, leave a comment but read the whole post first, because there is a condition.
The first five people to respond to this post will receive something made by me to you. My choice. Made especially for you. Of course there are some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees you will like what I make.
2.What I create will be just for you.
3. It will be done sometime in the next two months.
4. You have no clue what it will be. I promise it will be made with love!
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch is you must post this on your blog and offer the same to the first five people who post it on their blog. The first five people to do so and leave a comment letting me know they did will receive a homemade gift from me!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party like its my birthday! (or not)

Yes, my 26th birthday has come and gone. I didn't do much, but it was nice. I wanted to go to Matilda's, an Australian restaurant only to discover it has been closed. So we went to MacCool's Irish Pub instead, which was really gross. Bummer. But we did have a good time eating ice cream cake for dessert. :) I got an FM ipod thing so I can play my ipod music in the car. And that is it. Pretty boring, but what do you expect... getting old is boring. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

26 what??

Here is a picture I took of my face on accident. I was trying to figure out why my camera wasn't working. haha... yuck. Anyway, I can hardly believe I am turning 26(this saturday, for those of you who didn't know). What a dumb age. 25 seemed more significant, like, yay! I'm a quarter of a century old! Now it is just two random numbers stuck together. But at least I don't have to go through all the crap that happened the year I was 25, so hooray for new beginnings! This past year was pretty hellish. I can't believe I've somehow lost all that hate I had for Cody.. I never thought that day would come! And so, although I'm getting older, I raise my glass to time! Time truly does heal all wounds. And let's hope this year is a better one!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adelaide Lacy Andreasen's Baby Blessing

Here we are after Adelaide was blessed. Much smaller group this time.
Proud Momma...
Adelaide had the most beautiful dress on. A woman in our ward made it for her, and she looked so beautiful. It was a nice blessing, considering (meaning the exs were there), and I was happy to have her blessed. She is doing well, and is still a very good baby. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting ready for my date

Yes, it is true, I went on my first date the other day. It was pretty fun, and I made my lovely cousin Melissa come and bring a date. As it was a blind date, I didn't know what to expect. But thanks to facebook, both my date and I knew a bit about each other before we actually met. While my date is a very nice guy, I don't think either of us was really interested. Oh well, you can't win them all. :) But as scared as I was to go, I'm happy that is over with. It was easier than I thought it would be, and when I got nervous I imagined my missionary badge on and told myself, "you can talk with anyone!" So here I am, a dating machine! lol... okay, one date does not a machine make, but I am accepting offers for setups now. I am fearless! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Everyone loves the baby chair but the baby....

Pictured here is Fur... as always, he is sitting somewhere inconvenient.
And here is Hyrum, thinking it is his bouncy seat....The only one who doesn't like to sit in the baby bouncer is the baby herself. And here Adelaide is wondering why Fur has to always be wherever we don't want him. :) He is a crazy cat. We love him, except when he is sticking his butt in our faces to get attention, or when he is tracking down and destroying binky after binky, or when he is eating my hair at ungodly hours of the night, or when he is up in our buisness at the dinner table. But hey, did I mention we love him?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleepless nights and sweet babies

Here is little Adelaide... I love those pajamas!
Again, asleep in her carseat...
And here we are together... I'm trying to remember that I need to get pictures of me holding her so that she doesn't feel left out. Do I look tired? I always ask that, because I always feel so tired! But mostly, I'm happy. Thanks Celexa!