Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why A House United?

I decided to use the title A House United for my blog because of the importance of that concept to me. Especially recently. I have had so much revelation given to me during this whole ordeal of losing the dreams I've had for my family. I've discovered that I am the only shield my family has against the ugliness of divorce. And so I plan to unite my little family the best I can, by shielding them to the best of my ability from the hurtful consequences of divorce. I believe that my house will be a house united against the terrible things in this world, and will make it through this tough time. Because I am the head of my little household, and I plan to keep it together. Oh, and sorry you have to see so much of my thigh in the baby picture. :)

This time of year

I love fall... Ahhh yes I do. The other day when I was feeling angry about divorce related issues, I found myself happy just to see leaves falling off of the trees. I love the crisp weather and the holidays... Hooray for Halloween! I do miss my sisters in law and their families. We had a great time last year at some corn belly festival thing. I hate me in this picture, as I look like a man, but everyone else is adorable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here we are! Sort of...

So what can I say? My sister-in-laws inspired me. I figure I can at least attempt to have something interesting to say, even if I can't get my picture to face the right way. :( I could, I just am too lazy to actually do it right now. So welcome to my blog! (something I never thought I'd say!) I shall try to make it worth reading.