Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why A House United?

I decided to use the title A House United for my blog because of the importance of that concept to me. Especially recently. I have had so much revelation given to me during this whole ordeal of losing the dreams I've had for my family. I've discovered that I am the only shield my family has against the ugliness of divorce. And so I plan to unite my little family the best I can, by shielding them to the best of my ability from the hurtful consequences of divorce. I believe that my house will be a house united against the terrible things in this world, and will make it through this tough time. Because I am the head of my little household, and I plan to keep it together. Oh, and sorry you have to see so much of my thigh in the baby picture. :)


Blog Ness Monsters said...

Laura! I am SOOOOOo glad you have created a blog, and I LOVE IT! I think it is inspiring too-- a house united is perfect. Well... post often--I'll be checking it constantly! I can't wait to hear more of your stories, and see lots of pictures! love britta

Sarita Baker said...

oh i love you man. Really, of all the people in the world, a single mother whose greatest desire is to protect and seek the best for her children is the person I love with my whole heart... because that was my mom. Things have changed since, but I look back on my childhood and I just thank God all the time that I had the mother I did. :) It won't be easy. It already hasn't. I remember the hardships and the frustrations... but it didn't get the best of me (for the most part, I'm not perfect)... because of the woman God gave to me to be my mother. :)