Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update from a lazy blogger

Well between the ear infections (mine, not the kids!) and Easter and Mother's day and every little thing in between I've been a slack blogger. So here are a few pictures to keep you updated.

Here is Hyrum after helping me dye Easter eggs. He had so much fun. I am so glad I've got kids to have fun Holidays with! For some reason when you get older people think we shouldn't party like we did when we were ten. Not I! So thanks kids for giving me an excuse!

The kids and their Easter baskets. Once again, I swear it was so much fun for me to see how much fun they had!
Hyrum loves sunglasses, so he got some in his basket.
Adelaide lookin too cool.

Hyrum turned three on April 17th! I can hardly believe it! Like a bad mother I don't have pictures of him with his cake. His uncle Nolan took some fine pictures of Hyrum being a typical stubborn boy, refusing to blow out his candle. He refused and finally I did it for him, resulting in a meltdown. He's lucky it was his birthday, or that boy would have got a sore butt as a present. Other than that snafu, he had a great time.

The kids had a great May day. First they got to go to their cousin Natalie's Princess Party, then they had more fun at Aunt Marlana's Kentucky Derby Party. Our horse lost, but it was so much fun for all of us. Marlana and I made our own hats, and have determined that shall be our new tradition.

Me posing with my acne, Adelaide with her peaches and cream complexion. Ahhhh jealousy! Cody grew out his hair and beard then took pictures as he trimmed down. Which is your favorite?

Thankfully he got a calling in the Sunday School Presidency, so he looks nice and groomed now. :)
Last but not least, Mother's Day. I told Cody he didn't have to buy me anything but he needed to help out more than normal. I should have been more specific. But anyway, we got a huge chocolate bar in Sacrament meeting and I was in it before I got home. Yum.
Me and my little ones.

A big shout out to John and Wendy for their big move to Ohio and to Mark and Britta for baby Geni!