Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apple Valley....we've arrived.

Well we've arrived in Apple Valley! We set up a tramp in the living room to keep the kids from killing themselves while we deal with the millions of projects to be done here. There is enough work to last a lifetime! And to top it off, after being here only two weeks I got called to be in the primary presidency. So I've got plenty to keep me occupied, and haven't found the time to be too lonely. Cody decided to adopt two dogs one day, and hence, I've also had two crazy dogs to add to my list. The brown one is a Belgian shepherd named Shelia, and the black is a bull mastif/labrador mix named Sammie. They are constantly digging out of the yard and running rampant. That is our next thing to work on.

Here is our little home. It looks better from far away. :) The outside is falling apart, but what with Cody and my work, the inside is looking really lovely. I'm super excited for any visitors that want to come. We've got a lot more work to do, but mostly on the exterior of the house. I built a firepit in the backyard and have had lots of fun being a pyro. Hopefully I will have more pictures up soon. Until then, feel free to send me love in the mail!