Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Adelaide Lacy Andreasen

I don't have lots of time, so here are the minimal details. After a short labor... just about five and half hours, I pushed six times and out came Adelaide Lacy Andreasen at 6:29 P.M. on December 22nd, 2008. She was 6lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. She has a bit of light brown hair. She was on channel five news at five and at ten the next day... I guess she just thought she was pretty because she wasn't actually part of their story on babies in stockings at St. Marks. :) We went home the next day... (I hate sitting in the hospital) and we are all doing fine... (except Hyrum, who under the care of others got sick... so I woke up to a new baby and puke all over Hyrum and his bed.) I'll add more info later. Have a happy Holiday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Mom... why does that lady have a fat stomach?"

Today at church I was chatting with a friend when her son who is about six came up and said, pointing at me, "Mom, why does that lady have a fat stomach?" I smiled as she explained to her son that it was because I have a baby inside. After she was done explaining, I said to him, "Don't worry, it will still be fat after the baby comes out." To which he responded, "I won't." Man, I guess it is obvious that a baby isn't the only excuse for a fat stomach.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hyrum in a box....and get this friggin kid out of me!

For some reason when Hyrum was first born, mom and I thought he might like to sleep in this corn dog box. As I recall, he didn't, although the picture would suggest otherwise. Really I just put this picture up for people to think is sweet when all I wanted to say was.... Holy Crap get this kid out! I swear she is eating me alive and I'm about to go insane! And for crying out loud, why doesn't anyone tell you you can't wipe your own butt properly at the end of pregnancy! It is horrid, and I demand a clean rear! Also, Heavenly Father is starting to hurt my feelings. I pray a million times a day for mercy... why is the answer always no? I'm a pretty good person. And last but not least, just ignore this rant... it was really for me anyway.

When all is said and done

Well, it is finished. My divorce papers are signed... I can hardly believe that in just a few days my marriage to the man I loved and still love will be over officially. There are so many feelings and emotions I'm not sure how to proceed. Perhaps it would be easier if it weren't the holidays, but somehow I doubt it. So I'm doing this final blog as a farewell to my marriage. No matter what anyone says about Cody, he was and still is (and will be unless someone else comes along) the love of my life. And although I doubt I can ever rid of those feelings completely, I find there is still room to hate him. What a strange world. He fathered my children; I doubt there will ever be a time when I can be free of the feelings love, marriage, and then devastating divorce have created. So finally, I raise my glass to what was, and what will be.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cats in strange places and awaiting the baby

I thought these pictures were funny... I love having pets. Honestly, I don't know what me and Hyrum would do without Lola and Fur. Sure, they can get annoying, but that just means they are really and truly part of the family! I find them in all sorts of places... especially Fur. He likes to check out all the soft spots in the house. He loves Hyrum's crib (when Hyrum isn't in there) and the baby's play pack, which has been set up for days now, awaiting a baby that isn't feeling the need to come any time soon. :(
I went to the doctor today... measured 37 weeks. I'm one centimeter dilated, but you know how little that actually means. I was two centimeters dilated in labor for about 20 hours! So I'm not getting too excited. I'm just really really really wanting her to come. So keep those prayers up in my behalf! I keep waking up with some contractions in the night. I get too excited. I have to tell myself every time that I know it isn't the real thing. Last time, I just knew, and I think it will be the same this go around. I did however set a date for induction if all is in order (the cervix has to be favorable, ect) for the 22nd. It is the soonest they will do it, and my doctor goes out of town the next day. I'm hoping she comes sooner, because I really don't want to come home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. But alas, nothing is a sure get it outer... I've been doing the eating spicy foods and fresh pineapple, I drove on a bumpy road, and now I'm just hoping she makes up her mind to give her poor mom a break. Any suggestions for starting labor? Bring them on!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidays to all! And to all a GOOD NIGHT! Am I the only one who is super exhausted this season? I've had a few good testimony experiences in which I feel terribly bad for Mary... riding a donkey while pregnant. Not a nice thing. So I'm asking all of you to pray for me that baby Adelaide comes early... I am super ready! Mom and I bought a tree and got it in the stand. I was going to have my home teachers come help me, but basically we women can do it if we don't want to wait... which I didn't. Hyrum is loving the Christmas lights, and for our Relief Society Enrichment we had a really fun "give and take" activity, where we brought stuff to give away and could take whatever we wanted. I ended up with lots more stuff than I brought, but I noticed my stuff was snatched up fast too. Basically, that is all that is new. I've got everything ready for the baby, and am hoping she is healthy and ready as soon as possible!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving's Feast With The Beasts

Mom and I decided we couldn't let down the tradition of going to the zoo for feast with the beasts. So pregnant me, Hyrum, and mom went to the zoo for a couple of hours early Thanksgiving morning. Hyrum seems to like the zoo more each time I take him. He loved the tiger, the bobcat, and the monkeys the most. I liked these weird pig things that were acting crazy. The chimps were cute, Hyrum loved the baby one that was harassing its mom. Figures. John and Wendy would be sad to know that we did not witness any feces eating in the monkey house. Those monkeys were funny though. For the rest of thanksgiving we cooked and ate... it was really really quiet. I missed the family so much! It was a good day none the less.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hyrum's Supposed First Words

It is as simple as this. Mom swore to us all that he said "Dirty Diaper" after she changed his dirty diaper. I however, heard him repeat after me, "Dog Poo!" after I stepped in dog poo while carrying him back to the apartment. Let us hope that this gross word trend does not continue. What ever happened to a sweet, loving, "mommy?"

Monday, November 10, 2008

What WILL I do?

Here is a cute picture of Hyrum sleeping in his crib. Sometimes it is hard to get over how fast he is growing, so I sit and watch him sleep. So the other day I sat down and wrote The Last Will and Testament of Laura Roper Andreasen. It was so strange to be thinking of what I would want for my children when I died. It is certainly a hard thing to do. For some reason, the idea of just having a will kept nagging at me. I also made copies of all of my important documents to give to my mom and dad. I think being a single mom who is nesting makes the experience all the more intense. I feel much more urgency in getting things done. Especially since through no fault of my own all of my government help was suddenly cut off, leaving me to pay medical bills and food bills with no money. So while I continue to nest like a freak, I will also continue to snack on fresh mushrooms... my biggest craving yet in this pregnancy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Little Musician

So the other day, Hyrum just climbs up on my parents piano bench and started playing the piano. He didn't pound on it like most little kids, but he had great form. He used each of his little fingers individually, and was even playing sharps and flats. It didn't sound like much, but it certainly wasn't bad! I was super impressed with his musician form! He did it all by himself too. Funny how these things sort of pop up. I don't think he's ever even seen me play before.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hyrum's first tie

It is hard for me to believe how big Hyrum is getting. This is his (all hand me downs) outfit that just breaks my heart. It is the first time he's worn a tie. He is too cute! He actually seemed to not mind it either. Ahhh... my little missionary.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Adventures

This is me as a potbelly pig. I dressed up for a Halloween party at playgroup, and was the only adult to have dressed up. I still love the idea of dressing up each year, but apparently other adults think they are above that. Hmmm... lol. However, I made a convincing pig. I just made a tail out of pipe cleaner, used the same mask I used when I was like seven, and dressed all in pink. And my natural pigginess did the rest.
My friend Brisa (from Mexico) brought her son Luke over and we carved pumpkins. She had never done it before, so I bought her a pumpkin and we carved away. She had a great time and did a great job. Hers is the one on the right, mine on the left. She wanted to copy a model so she did it right. I told her mine turn out strange every year but that is what is fun. It is fun to learn about new cultures for both of us.
This is Hyrum at This is the Place Park. They have a fun little village where there are tons of kid sized houses. This was supposed to be witch Hazel's candy home. I thought it was fabulous and so did Hyrum.
Hyrum looked so sweet in his tiger costume. For as cheap as it was bought last year after Halloween, he wore it about seven or eight times for different activities. It was well worth it, and he loved to wear it!
This was Hyrum's Halloween shirt he got from Wal-Mart. It is pretty cool. The ghost lights up every time someone moves past. So it has these fun right lights always lighting up and delighting him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Witches and I

Hyrum and I had fun today going to Gardner Village to see the witches. We went on the scavenger hunt and got a free cookie for finding all the witches. We went with our friend Brisa from Mexico and her son Luke. I love how my belly looks like a spare tire.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our fun and tiring past few days.

Often times I feel like such a slacker Mormon mom. I don't take Hyrum to do as many fun things as other moms seem to. So this week I've been doing super great! I suppose it helps that it is fall and there are so many fun things to do. First, mom and I took Hyrum to the Pumpkin Patch to pick a pumpkin. He loved riding in the wagon more than anything, but it made for a cute picture. Then I took him to the Library for a Halloween craft and spooky stories. Yesterday we went to the zoo with Kim, Alina, and Danielle and their children. And finally, today we went to little hauntings at This Is The Place Park with the same group of cousins. Hyrum dressed up in his tiger costume and we hoofed it from building to building, doing little Halloween crafts and trick or treating. He got to ride on three trains and a hayride. He could have had a pony ride but I didn't think he'd like it all that much. We got home each day around four. Not our usual schedule! So although naptime was severely hindered, he had a good attitude and we got some good photos out of it all. Once October is over, however, I'm happily going back to slacker mom. My feet hurt!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My niece and nephews

This charming picture was taken in Ohio when I went to visit Mark, Britta, and baby Melvin. Isn't he so adorable? I can't believe how big he is getting. I recently looked a pictures of Henry and Natalie, and they are so different from when I last saw them it is almost scary! I didn't recognize Henry at all, and Natalie looks nothing like a toddler.... just like a beautiful little girl. It is hard to believe that these children grew out of tiny little bundles. But it sure is fun to be an aunt, and I can't wait to see everyone again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bathtime and Tantrums

Desperate to be in this picture, I was able to get my snake hair and nose hair nicely profiled. What a gorgeous mother! Luckily, Hyrum seems to like me most of the time. However, I am beginning to fear that my sweet little boy is morphing into a monster. He has begun to throw ridiculous tantrums. Perhaps I am hard on him, because I have seen much more rotten little children, but the other day when he lost it in public I was so embarrassed. And just yesterday, he literally rolled around on the floor screaming and crying. I tried not to laugh, but failed. Did we really look that stupid as toddlers? So what is one to do with tantrums? Everyone has their opinion, but what really works? I'm not sure how to tame that tantrum beast, so in the meantime I guess I'll try to tame my crazy bodily hair.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would a Roper by any name really be as sweet?

So here I am, in the middle of a name dilemma. I for the life of me cannot decide if I want to pursue changing both my name and that of my children to Roper. While it is true I have never felt like much of an Andreasen, I can't decide what would be best for the kids. I want to have the same name as my children. That is really important to me. And what may be right for someone else might not be right for us. So what should a woman do? Is the hassle of changing my name as well as Hyrum's too much? Or will it be worth it in the end to have all of us identify with a family that wants and loves us? I would appreciate any feedback. And in the meantime, here is a cute picture of Hyrum.

My First Ever Car

Here she is! My first ever car! A gorgeous sageish green color, this 2006 Chevy Malibu has become my fast friend. She is classy and clean (yes, I keep her in as good of condition as any Roper should) and reliable. I don't have a name for her yet, so let me know of any suggestions. :) I think her name should somehow represent freedom or liberty... But yes, here she is. My good friend.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why A House United?

I decided to use the title A House United for my blog because of the importance of that concept to me. Especially recently. I have had so much revelation given to me during this whole ordeal of losing the dreams I've had for my family. I've discovered that I am the only shield my family has against the ugliness of divorce. And so I plan to unite my little family the best I can, by shielding them to the best of my ability from the hurtful consequences of divorce. I believe that my house will be a house united against the terrible things in this world, and will make it through this tough time. Because I am the head of my little household, and I plan to keep it together. Oh, and sorry you have to see so much of my thigh in the baby picture. :)

This time of year

I love fall... Ahhh yes I do. The other day when I was feeling angry about divorce related issues, I found myself happy just to see leaves falling off of the trees. I love the crisp weather and the holidays... Hooray for Halloween! I do miss my sisters in law and their families. We had a great time last year at some corn belly festival thing. I hate me in this picture, as I look like a man, but everyone else is adorable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here we are! Sort of...

So what can I say? My sister-in-laws inspired me. I figure I can at least attempt to have something interesting to say, even if I can't get my picture to face the right way. :( I could, I just am too lazy to actually do it right now. So welcome to my blog! (something I never thought I'd say!) I shall try to make it worth reading.