Friday, October 17, 2008

Our fun and tiring past few days.

Often times I feel like such a slacker Mormon mom. I don't take Hyrum to do as many fun things as other moms seem to. So this week I've been doing super great! I suppose it helps that it is fall and there are so many fun things to do. First, mom and I took Hyrum to the Pumpkin Patch to pick a pumpkin. He loved riding in the wagon more than anything, but it made for a cute picture. Then I took him to the Library for a Halloween craft and spooky stories. Yesterday we went to the zoo with Kim, Alina, and Danielle and their children. And finally, today we went to little hauntings at This Is The Place Park with the same group of cousins. Hyrum dressed up in his tiger costume and we hoofed it from building to building, doing little Halloween crafts and trick or treating. He got to ride on three trains and a hayride. He could have had a pony ride but I didn't think he'd like it all that much. We got home each day around four. Not our usual schedule! So although naptime was severely hindered, he had a good attitude and we got some good photos out of it all. Once October is over, however, I'm happily going back to slacker mom. My feet hurt!

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Wendy said...

you just hear about the fun stuff other moms are doing but i guarantee they are not doing those things every day.=) sounds like some fun/busy days!