Friday, August 27, 2010

Missing Lola

Do you ever feel just awful? Guilty like you just farted in an elevator, only worse? Right now, that is me.

You see, after being nagged to death by Cody, I agreed to put the cats out into the garage (so their mess, aka hair) would stay in there. Lola hated it. Could you blame her?
So she ran away. Or was chased away, by our dogs. And so I'm feeling like crap. I've checked all the shelters around, left fliers with them, posted fliers around the neighborhood, and went door to door with fliers asking about her.
I even check the DOA (dead on arrival) list at the shelters. Thank goodness she wasn't on it. But the not knowing is killing me. I dream about her every night. It kills me not knowing where she is or if she is okay. And I can't help feeling that she hates me now. I would. After four years of living snuggling with me, I kick her out. What a jerk.
What do you do in this situation? I still feel terrible about Frank (the gray and white and black) who died in my care... I'm still sure it was my fault somehow... I just don't know how. And now Lola, my most loyal pet, is gone. Any ideas on what I can do?

Thursday, August 19, 2010