Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving's Feast With The Beasts

Mom and I decided we couldn't let down the tradition of going to the zoo for feast with the beasts. So pregnant me, Hyrum, and mom went to the zoo for a couple of hours early Thanksgiving morning. Hyrum seems to like the zoo more each time I take him. He loved the tiger, the bobcat, and the monkeys the most. I liked these weird pig things that were acting crazy. The chimps were cute, Hyrum loved the baby one that was harassing its mom. Figures. John and Wendy would be sad to know that we did not witness any feces eating in the monkey house. Those monkeys were funny though. For the rest of thanksgiving we cooked and ate... it was really really quiet. I missed the family so much! It was a good day none the less.


Blog Ness Monsters said...

You look so great Laura! We can't wait to see you! Hey, you need a full on side profile! I want to see that belly!!! wahoo! Little Adelaide will be here soon! We're glad you guys kept up feast with the beasts!

Wendy said...

i am so glad you went- that is an awesome tradition. we wish we could have come =(