Monday, December 8, 2008

Cats in strange places and awaiting the baby

I thought these pictures were funny... I love having pets. Honestly, I don't know what me and Hyrum would do without Lola and Fur. Sure, they can get annoying, but that just means they are really and truly part of the family! I find them in all sorts of places... especially Fur. He likes to check out all the soft spots in the house. He loves Hyrum's crib (when Hyrum isn't in there) and the baby's play pack, which has been set up for days now, awaiting a baby that isn't feeling the need to come any time soon. :(
I went to the doctor today... measured 37 weeks. I'm one centimeter dilated, but you know how little that actually means. I was two centimeters dilated in labor for about 20 hours! So I'm not getting too excited. I'm just really really really wanting her to come. So keep those prayers up in my behalf! I keep waking up with some contractions in the night. I get too excited. I have to tell myself every time that I know it isn't the real thing. Last time, I just knew, and I think it will be the same this go around. I did however set a date for induction if all is in order (the cervix has to be favorable, ect) for the 22nd. It is the soonest they will do it, and my doctor goes out of town the next day. I'm hoping she comes sooner, because I really don't want to come home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. But alas, nothing is a sure get it outer... I've been doing the eating spicy foods and fresh pineapple, I drove on a bumpy road, and now I'm just hoping she makes up her mind to give her poor mom a break. Any suggestions for starting labor? Bring them on!


Mama Corleone said...

When I was pregnant with B, my friend said she'd go into labor if she ate KFC. SOOO...I ate a big KFC meal and then walked the mall for an hour and it worked!!!!! Well for about 5 hours, then the contractions stopped and I was induced the next week, but I still think it might work for some. Give it a shot!

The Calder's said...

At Least you have a great induction date, I hope my doc will set one for me!! I am so excited to meet this little one!

Nessa Burt said...

Cats are so funny!! I can't wait to meet your new cute baby!!! How are you feeling? After 7 months, I was TOTALLY ready...Molly wasn't, but I was!!! :)

Brown's said...

I found your blog! I just love you! You make me laugh so hard! We got to get together soon!
Jocelyn :)