Monday, November 10, 2008

What WILL I do?

Here is a cute picture of Hyrum sleeping in his crib. Sometimes it is hard to get over how fast he is growing, so I sit and watch him sleep. So the other day I sat down and wrote The Last Will and Testament of Laura Roper Andreasen. It was so strange to be thinking of what I would want for my children when I died. It is certainly a hard thing to do. For some reason, the idea of just having a will kept nagging at me. I also made copies of all of my important documents to give to my mom and dad. I think being a single mom who is nesting makes the experience all the more intense. I feel much more urgency in getting things done. Especially since through no fault of my own all of my government help was suddenly cut off, leaving me to pay medical bills and food bills with no money. So while I continue to nest like a freak, I will also continue to snack on fresh mushrooms... my biggest craving yet in this pregnancy.


Wendy said...

mushrooms? strange.. yet delicious!
you are definitely good at getting thing done laura. i want to talk to you - it has been forever

britta said...

what? What happened with the gov. aide???? grrrrrrrr! Well.... Hyrum is TOO cute... and HUGE. I miss him. I too love mushrooms... but a more fatty rendition... sauteed. :)