Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Illness Update

It seems the children are almost completely cured. They both came down with RSV, and Adelaide was on a breathing machine for a few days. It was pretty intense... with RSV you can't do much for them. I hate Viruses! Both seem to be recovering, but I am in the throes of it now. Not fun. I'm not sure if I'd rather be sick or have sick kids. Either way it is miserable, and I'd be sick as long as they didn't have to. But it never seems to work that way, does it? So for those of you who had us in your prayers, I thank you. This parenting thing only works with a lot of patience and prayer.


Mama Corleone said...

Yuck! I am so sorry! Little P gets the shot to prevent RSV every month since he was so early. But, it costs $1400.00!!!! Can you believe that? I LOOOOVE our insurance...we pay only $15.00. Thank Heaven.

Well I am so glad they are ok now, I just hope you can get over things too!

Nat said...

That is too bad!I hope things are looking up for you. Do you miss our noise? LOL

Blog Ness Monsters said...

I am so sorry for you guys! Viruses are THE worst- especially when the youngins have them! But- Adelaide looks adorable, and so big! I hate that I haven't even met her yet! WE miss you guys!