Monday, March 9, 2009

A few new obsessions

Lately I've been really into a few things. Number one, the show 'What Not to Wear.' I go through these phases, last time it was home improvement shows, now it is this, and I am just obsessed. I have gone through my wardrobe completely, got rid of things I've had for years, and spent more than I should on a few quality pieces of clothing. And the kicker is, I actually tried EVERYTHING on! That is my new rule... and it really does make a difference. Even though I hate trying clothes on, from now on I'm doing it! I also have a bit of a crush on Clinton Kelly, the gay guy on the show. Why are so many good ones gay? :(
Another obsession, Peanut M&Ms. I don't know how or why now, but I've taken to eating them every spare moment. I know I should just have some self control, but I don't. I found myself thinking I should start exercising, and so I sat on my exercise ball and started bouncing, only to find myself shoving handfuls of those darn m&ms in my pig mouth! So yes, that is another obsession. And I'm not even pregnant so my excuses are non-existent. Here is Hyrum looking stylish for church in his new church clothes that collect cat hair like nobody's business.

I got a toddler bed as a hand me down, and I painted it, and put cute little room themed stars and moons and clouds on it. Then I put hand me down twin sized sheets on the bed... they actually work really well, I just tucked them around and so they stay on nicely. And a few of Hyrum's blue blanket complete the bed nicely. Here Adelaide is enjoying the bed... (sorry! not for a few more years kiddo!)
I had Hyrum try his bed out. He loves it to death. But when I decided to let him sleep in it at night, I checked on him at 5 A.M. and found him curled up on the floor. So he gets the crib a bit longer. :)
Well, it is snowing like mad outside, and both of my kids are really sick with a cold/fever... :( Every single time Hyrum goes with his dad for the week he comes back sick. It is the only thing I can count on Cody for... making the kids sick. Well, adios!

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britta said...

Laura! Your kiddies are SOOOOO cute! I can't get over how big both of them are getting! And... oh my goodness!!!! We are hoping and praying you all get better soon! So scary to have sick kids-- you are so brave! We love you!