Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Opinions please!!

Okay, I hope that my previous blog didn't creep you all out. Since no one responded, I hope I didn't offend anyone's sensibilities. Please let me know if I did. But mostly, I find that these blogs are helpful to me in sorting out my thoughts. Here are some more I've had lately.
I'm wondering if I am a cheapskate. To be Frank, I do not like being around people who are annoyingly "money aware." No, this is not a jab at you Mark, because you are the only exception to this rule. But other than Mark, people who are always trying to save a buck bug me. So what bothers me the most is... I think I am one of them. Ok, I know I am one of them. And I think that this is one thing that makes me unhappy. I'm doing so well lately discovering things I need to improve on, and so I would like your help. How do I be "money wise" without being a scrooge or a cheapskate? For example... tips... how should I do them with the little money I have, without having to feel like a jerk? Or, when I'm asked to donate money to a cause, I often feel like... why should I donate when I don't have enough to pay my own bills? But I don't want to feel like that, and I'd like to donate. How can I save money on expenses while still maintaining a decent standard of living? So first of all, I'd like your opinions on me. Do I come across as needy, a moocher, freeloader, or a money jerk? Please, be honest... I need to know because I want to improve! Second, any great ideas on how to save money? I will be posting random bits on my blog when I hear great ways to save money. So pass them on!! Thanks my friends!


britta said...

First of all, you did not offend my "sensibilities" :) I just didn't know how to respond.. :) I am sorry! Second, my opinion of you is that you are none of those nasty words like cheapskate, freeloader, etc.... but rather are extremely generous, yet wise. I have these same thoughts constantly- especially when the police men and firemen call and want a donation for the families who have lost husbands and fathers in the line of duty and stuff! Pulls at my heartstrings! But, as you can imagine, Mark won't let me! (though I did donate $5.00 anyway...) there are just so many good causes out there- and a person just can't support them all!
Humm... money saving tipss.... let's see... Mark is the real "saver" around here, so let me tell you what I often think of him thinking, "If it so be that ye should save 1 dollar, how great shall be your joy. And if your joy will be great saving one dollar, how great will be your joy if you should save many!" Let these words inspire your frugal desires... :) GOod luck! I'm no saver!

Nessa Burt said...

Laura, you are so funny!!! You are none of those things!! One thing that helps me not feel so bad about not donating is we pay tithing! That goes to help people over seas, and people in your community, just like some of the donations you are asked to give. So, when people ask to donate, I say I donate to my church. Hope that helps :)

Ashley Steed said...

I love your posts! :) I have no comment except that I am currently reading a book about the techniques used to persuade people and how to use them and/or avoid being sucked in by them. It is called "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion". I recommend it. It has been a fun read.

Mama Corleone said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I also instantly though of Mark. Too funny.

Also, yes your last post left me thinking, "What the??" But I completely understand how blogging can be a release...a kind of therapy. I think you are just a bit braver than the rest of us.

Wendy said...

i think you enjoy shopping but are very smart about shopping. you seem to find things for a good deal, second hand, or at discount stores (no shame in that!) i also agree with britta that you are very generous!