Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Intimidation Factor

I have been told many times that I can be very intimidating. So now I must ask.... what the?? So my question to you all is... the first time you met me, did you feel at all intimidated? If so, why? If not, why not? And since that first time, have you been intimidated? Like I said, I'm trying to improve myself... and I certainly don't want to be scary!


Wendy said...

i remember when i first met you , you were wearing an fbi wind breaker- i don't recall being intimated- i thought you were nice and fun. there were some times afterwards when i could tell you weren't in a good mood and felt i should be careful not to make you mad...but i don't feel like that anymore because you aren't as touchy as you have been in the past.

Wendy said...

cut photo by the way..

britta said...

I was intimidated... but i think that was just because you were Mark's older sister, and i wanted to make a good impression. Once we finally got aquainted ( after just a few moments, it did not take long) I felt VERY comfortable with you, and could tell you made special efforts to make me feel welcome, which I have always appreciated! :) Thank you!