Friday, May 22, 2009

A few ideas

Well it is good to know I don't creep people out too bad! I think that this blog, whether people read it or not, is helping me figure out this strange time in my life. Things are going well here. For mother's day, my mom said all she wanted was to be left alone. So I kind of forgot it was mother's day at all. I think I stayed home after church and ate a lean cuisine. Not very special at all. Mother's day is different in my situation! I've started having an accountability journal of sorts.. for those of you who served missions, you know that we had to keep track of our numbers, and each week we would be asked about them.... aka held accountable for what we had done that week. Each day, I write down some numbers of my own... things I'm trying to improve on. For instance, I write down my weight, how much I spent that day and on what, and if I read my scriptures. All of those things are areas I need to improve on. I've found that I've done so much better with my money and scripture reading. As for weight? Not really... but at least I'm more aware of what I'm up to!

A money saving tip: For an AMAZING organic household cleaner, mix one fourth mixture white vinegar to four parts water. This cleans glass better than glass cleaner, and works wonderfully on every surface!

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