Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is happening!

Well folks, after six lovely months of life, Killer has passed away. I knew it was happening, as I could tell the signs and knew he must have been old when I got him. Cause baby, I took great care of that fish! A cleaner aquarium you never did see. Yes, I cried, and yes, I flushed him down the toilet. I felt like a crapper for putting him down one. But I told myself that he wanted one last ride, and it was basically like reading the last rights to flush a fish down the toilet. So good-bye my lovely fish. I never thought I'd love you, but I did.

I recently got a horrible haircut. Why is it that the model always looks better than you? My guess is that the model is 100 times better looking than me, but the hair stylist told me I need to have damaged hair to get that much volume. So that is lame. My hair looked slightly less awful as I did my usual and cut it myself when I got home. But still... I need a paper bag for this thing.

My dates have gone okay. Tyler is a nice boy. I just say boy, cause that is what I think of him as. He seems like a little brother to me. And believe it or not, Ernest is still around. He is growing on me, but I still don't want to marry him. I convinced him to take my friend on a date and so I'm hoping they get distracted with each other. Some how I think I'm going to once again be the Emma of it all.

And the most exciting thing... I got Lasik! Well technically I got PRK, which is the oldest form of it. I wanted to get the new version, but alas, my corneas are shaped funny. Stupid eyes. :( But I saved 600 and had a few days of absolute blindness, but my vision hasn't been this good in soooo long. And it only gets better! I'm grateful that I decided to participate in the clinical study, which saved me a lot of money and so I still have some saved away for a house (haha....a house...) I go to the doctor today to take off my bandage contacts.... so it is all uphill from here! Yeah!


britta said...

I am sad for your loss. Fish can be very friendly. I wait with ever baited breath for more date updates.... how intriguing to have Ernest grow on you! ANd.... I'm THRILLED about your vision!!!!!!! How exciting!

Mama Corleone said...

We had a two dollar gold fish for 4 years. We named him Gabe. We loved him so much. When he died we put him in a ziploc and froze him until the pain went away a few months later, then I trashed him when no one was looking...

I too have healthy hair, dang it. Stupid soft, bouncy, shiny BUT flat healthy hair. No fun.

Go Earnest!!! Can we make a team Earnest??? If so, I am captain.

I love your posts, you really are the only "Real" blogger out there.

Nat said...

yay for you! (about the lasik, not about the fish...)

Wendy said...

i am sorry for your loss- i have killed many a fish trying my best to keep them alive. i have loved reading about your dating adventures. you are so funny and so photogenic. all the pictures you have put up (even if they are random) are so beautiful. good luck with your ongoing online adventures.