Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Father's Day toooooo Meeeeee!

Here are my babies... in no particular order. Above is Lola and Fur shortly after I got Fur. Below is Lola and Frank (my little kitty angel) shortly after we got Frank.
This next picture makes me laugh. I was soooo tired!! But there I am with baby Hyrum. Oh how I love him!
Here I am again, slightly less tired, with baby Adelaide. She is a mommy's girl, no doubt!
And here I am, the handsome Father. :)
Father's day was nice. I felt sad to only see John for about four seconds before he had to go back to Cali, but I got to see Wendy and the kids. Also, I got to see Grandpa Roper and of course my dad. It was a nice day, and lovely to see the accomplishments of the wonderful fathers out there.


britta said...

You're THE best dad I know! :) I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You go Pappa/Mamma!

Wendy said...

i am glad we got to hang out. once we are settled in our new place you will have to take a road trip and come to california to stay with us. free disneyland and beach trips! you look really pretty on your picture by the way.

Mama Corleone said...

You crack me up! Hope you had a great Fathers Day!