Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

Here is Adelaide with her basket.
She really got into the spirit by wearing her bunny ears.
Hyrum did not.
And again, my little darling.
Here they are checking out the goods on Easter morning.
It was fun putting together a little basket for them both. I've decided my tradition on Easter will be to give them books instead of toys. We started that last year with Hyrum. It was a good day, beautiful weather and very peaceful. It is nice to know that even though the Easter Bunny didn't bring me a basket, my Savior not only died for me and us all but rose again so that we can live again too. Happy Easter!


britta said...

What great pictures! Melvin wore bunny ears too! But, like Hyrum, didn't tolerate them well. :) I'm glad you had a beautiful Easter! The weather cooperated for us too! I wish we all could have celebrated together!

Cheryl said...

Love the photos. Hyrum and Adelaide and getting so big and are just as cute as they can be. I had an Easter party for my Texas grandchildren (all boys). I was excited to find talking eggs for the hunt that called out "Hey, I'm over here!" Everyone got a kick out of them. Of course, Papa spent some quality time on the real purpose of the Easter celebration and I was delighted to see the kids respond so well to that special message. Can you email your phone number? We may be in Utah in the near future. Use the email you normally use.

Wendy said...

i love the rabbit ears!