Monday, October 5, 2009

Mission Reunion and life update.

Yes, I served in the Sydney South Australia Mission. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it was an amazing experience. And yes, I'm glad it is over. :) Sometimes I miss the wonderful life of missionaries, and then I remember how hard it was. I imagine it is like that when your kids are grown and you are wishing you could go back and have them little again. I had my mission reunion the other day. I only knew six people there. It was sad. And I was the only one with kids... I felt old. I guess that is what reunions do to you. Make you feel old.

As for other news... uh... there is none. Sorry! But I will say that my kids are growing. Adelaide is a crawling machine, and Hyrum is becoming more and more of an active "terrible twos" participator. Kill me now!

I recently pimped my ride. I got limo tint in the back of my car as well as tint in the front and some cool seat covers. I am trying to make my car worthwhile and prevent skin cancer. :) Plus I got sick of stains on my car seats and Hyrum complaining the sun was hot. For anyone who is thinking about tinting, it is a great investment!


britta said...

Missions.... sigh.... I've never gone to a mission reunion... never wanted to really.... but it is amazing how time marches on and before we know it- we're the old ones. But hey- we're not really old! We're just young mothers now- we fit in a different crowd! But we're still young- still crazy ... right? always crazy. :)

Chillygator said...

I went a little later and by then there were kids everywhere! I say Hyrum, but I didn't see you, though I looked. He was with Cody.

And, yeah, great times, but I didn't know anyone.

Mama Corleone said...

The only ride pimping I ever do is adding a fresh coat of crumbs on the ground, so good for you. And I didn't go on a mission, but in reunions in general usually make me feel like I suck. So I rarely go.