Tuesday, January 5, 2010


For Thanksgiving the kids and I went to California and spent some time with the Andreasens. Cody and I went to see a movie to come back to all the kids having conked out.

Adelaide had her 1st birthday. It was a Princess and the Frog theme as a shout out to John. Her cake was super cute.
Here she is being a typical Ballard diet coke fiend.

I was lazy this year and didn't send out Christmas cards... But here is our typically Raggdy Ann Christmas picture.
The tradition lived on with the cute pjs the "reindeer" left for Hyrum and Adelaide.
The day after Christmas, Cody and I got remarried. No big affair, just Uncle Paul and Mom and Daniel. Very very low key. Somebody took this horrible picture of the occasion. Just be happy I'm posting it... It was a long day and I can see my food belly. Yikes... it is worse than I thought.
The following day we took a train ride downtown, which I thought the kids would love. Turns out they liked the first ride, and weren't so happy on the way home (aka naptime).

Well one can only hope it won't take me months to post again. However, I'm moving at the end of the month into a ghetto house, so it is a real possibility it will be awhile. But I'm also posting my new address for you all.
Laura Andreasen
20692 Nisqually Rd.
Apple Valley, CA 92307


Liz said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck with your your move to SUNNY California.
Best wishes of love and faith for you and your family.

britta said...

Wow Laura! So much to post on! You look seriously good, and I CAN NOT GET OVER ADELAIDE!!!! She is 1 ???!!! already? good grief! She is growing too fast! I miss you! and can't wait to hear about California!

Mama Corleone said...

WOW! Well congratulations. I can't believe how this has worked out for you two. I hope everything works out fantastically! This would really, really, be the best of all outcomes.

Wendy said...

my goodness.. adelaide has gotten so beautiful and hyrum is such a big boy now. yikes they grow fast. hopefully we'll be in the state for awhile longer and get to hang out. way to go on the princess and the frog cake. i am sure natalie will want the same. she is obsessed!