Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahhh life

My main question is, how come I have to stand next to such a beautiful girl? Melissa and I went to Vegas in August. We had a blast and just relaxed. We joked about how pink I am vs. her yellowness. This picture shows how true that is! We chatted about life and all that goes with it. I'm soooo lucky to have such an awesome cousinfriend!! But my advice is, don't ever drive in Vegas if you don't have to! Terrifying. We almost died like a hundred times. And on the way home I sat in my car for 7 hours vs the usual 2 1/2. And a tire beat the crap out of my car when traffic FINALLY picked up. Figures.
What is this? Another cat??? What is wrong with these people? Do they have to take in every creature known to man? Well, yes. Yes we do. Actually, my neighbor came over and forced this kitty on us because she felt bad about Lola being missed. And after Lola came back, (HOORAY) we didn't have the heart to give this baby back. Adelaide and Hyrum named her Baby. She was born 6 weeks premature and barely survived. So now she's our fourth cat. No more!!
The stucco people were kind enough to leave us a huge dirt pile (sarcasm). My kids adore this, and I can't help but remember that a big dirt pile was our primary source of entertainment as kids growing up in LeMars, IA. The joy of kids and dirt! :)


Wendy said...

i am so glad you got lola back. if anyone can take good care of that many animals- it is you. at least you probably get your pet food for next to nothing right?

Liz said...

I have not been down blogging lane forever. Went to help Amy with baby #3 in September and October. (Virginia) Was supposed to be home a month before leaving to help Katrina with #1. Her water broke and he came 6 weeks early. Big baby, NICU for 10 days and was there for 6 weeks. (Houston). Had a "Classic Letdown Migraine Headache with a rebounding headache for 23 days. One day post no headache and left for St. George where my sister was possibly dying or could choose a very life altering surgery, Choose the second and we have her relocated to a Care Center in Utah County. Life is now starting to get back to the normal, abnormality. Oh, did I tell you that, "I love you", nope well I do and it has been fun to catch up this morning with an amazing woman that I love.
Liz Hansen