Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quick update and an ugly photo of me.

Wow... How terrible I look in this photo. However, I've given myself some slack because it was only two days after the baby was born... we are in our Christmas outfits... can you tell I look tired? Things have been going well. The day I wrote my last blog Hyrum had the stomach flu. I was lucky enough to get it the next day. And then, two weeks later, I got it again. So I've had more than my share of ickiness thank you! I think mothers should never be sick. It is totally not fair. So I've gotten about 2 hours of sleep in the past few days. Ugh. Luckily though, a sweet guy in my ward fixed my computer for me. I love people in the church! They are my family when my family can't help me. Hyrum is adjusting well, but is entering the terrible twos... I already hate it. Adelaide never lost any weight, just gained. She now weighs a little over seven pounds. She is so sweet. Aren't all babies? I still don't want any more though. lol... This is my update. Boring, but my life none the less.


Mama Corleone said...

Thanks for the update...and although I don't think that is an awful picture, I certainly applaud you for having the courage to post a picture that soon after birth. P is 6 months already and I have yet to put a picture on. You have such a cute family...I hope that someday they let you get some sleep.

Jodie said...

Laura! You sure have 2 CUTE kiddos! I think you look fab for having 2 young babies! I would look way worse than that!!:) You're a fabulous mommy and your kids are very blessed to have you! It's been fun seeing you a few times these last couple of months! We'll have to get together again just because!!!:) And seriously....if you need a nap really bad...you know you could call me or anyone in my family, right?

Wendy said...

i think i took that photo. no shame in it. you just gave birth!