Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving...or not

Ahhh moving. What fun what fun. We have just moved from our lovely village of Apple Valley California to the also lovely area of Eagle Mountain Utah. I spent the first week busting my butt to have the entire house in its place so Cody would be impressed when he got back from working a week in L.A.

#1 I did a fantastic job and worked from before sun up to after sun down.
#2 Don't ever do something that you think your husband will be impressed with.
#3 I mean geez... it is like he didn't even notice.
#4 Not that I'm bitter or anything.....

I spent the next week depressed (another reason not to bust your butt unpacking and doing your house... you then have nothing to do) and lonely. I began wondering what I was doing as a stay at home mom, because obviously my children are still little brats. I still wonder how it is I accomplished nothing in the nearly 4 years since Hyrum was born. I have struggled with the whole stay at mom vs. working woman thing for years, and it seemed to come to a head. Who knows what the future will bring, but sadly, I'll bet my kids are still gonna be brats.

So now I'm here, slowly getting acquainted with the area, and trying to convince myself living around this many Mormons won't kill my spirit. All I can say is some people do better in Utah, and some people do better elsewhere. I may just be a part of that small population that loses their mind completely and gets tattoos that say things like "Jack Mormons Rule".... But lets hope I can withstand. :) Wish me luck!


Jenn and Kylann said...

Oh Laura. I know exactly how you feel! I too struggle with the whole stay at home or work thing. Most days I got crazy being at home all day. I don't know what to do with them half the time. And the other half I want to strangle them! (Well, at least my two year old) Ugh! I wish someone would have told me that being a mom was so HARD!! Hang in there girl! You're not alone. I think you should have moved to AZ. There are a far less Mormons than out in UT. And you'd have a friend.

Wendy said...

good luck funny woman! maybe i will see you there...