Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Adventures

Here the kids are searching for eggs. I didn't follow the Andreasen tradition of putting money in them because I wanted to nip the Human Nature tradition of "It's not fair" in the bud right away. I still don't know how six boys did that without bloodshed. :)
Just so you know, I followed my Roper tradition of making everyone put all the candy in a bowl and take a little bit out at a time. And all the candy was in equal amounts. Like I said, I'm not eager to deal with candy chaos.
Every year I try to make my kids wear their bunny ears. Every year Hyrum fights it (this year he won.... boo). But Adelaide was fine.....
Even though in this picture she looks like she is being strangled to death. She was actually supposedly trying to smile for the camera. lol
Adelaide loves sports and climbing, but is still such a girl. She loves dresses (this one's a hand me down) and all things girly.
The kids and Cody's Easter Baskets. Notice how mom never gets one? What's that about??

Most importantly, a big thanks to our big brother Jesus for doing the impossible and making it possible. He is the reason we live and will live again.

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