Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hyrum's Birthday

My boy turned 4 on April 17th. He was born after 24 hours of horrible labor. lol... He was born at 12:17 A.M. And he's been a stinker ever since. :)

We celebrated his big day by going to church (what fun, right?) then having my family come over for dinner and cake and icecream (which I made and it was nasty... at least the cake was good).

Hyrum went to his doctor's appointment to get all his school shots. He smacked the nurse in the butt after she gave him the shots. I was so embarrassed. But on the upside he was measured 95% for height, 85% for weight, and had a BMI of 15.4.... which I had that body mass index!!!

As much as he has his "moments" he has times where he is a delight. The kid never stops talking, and often has very creative things to say. He can be very helpful (when he chooses) and kind to his sister (also when he chooses). And I will forever remain grateful for the many lessons he has taught and will continue to teach me.

I love you Hyrum James!

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The Andreasens said...

HAHAHA hyrum makes me laugh... And I totally feel your embarassment, but you have to admit that spanking the nurse is like the funniest thing ever!