Thursday, April 11, 2013

October thru December.... quick catch up.

 Hyrum and Adelaide on Halloween.  Hyrum was a pirate and Adelaide was a Werewolf. 
 I must admit their costumes were pretty ghetto.  But they were FREE!  :)

 Election Day!  I made up cards for them to decide who they wanted to win.  One vote for Romney.
 Two votes for Romney.  (Notice the election themed cupcakes).  :)
 Visit with Santa at Zoo lights.  A new family tradition for sure! 
 The kids got to write letters for Santa and mail them. 
 The fun of Zoo Lights.  It really was a great time. 
 Visiting with Santa at the church party.  :)
 I had a hard time placing who "Santa" was. 
 Hyrum and Adelaide's first ever Snowman.  I'm just glad we had snow this year.
 Adelaide turned 4 on December 22nd.  She got lots of fun stuff.
 And had a Tinkerbell cake.
Christmas 2012.  Good times! 

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