Thursday, April 11, 2013

The cat I catnapped.

 This is Sammie the Siamese cat I catnapped from my parent's porch almost one year ago.  She had been living in my parent's yard, sleeping on a coat on the front porch.  I tried to find any owners via the internet, and looked for lost cat signs, but found no one. 
 Apparently my dad used to talk to her every day he came home from work.  :)  She was otherwise a very skiddish cat.  I was happy when she let me get close enough to her one day to pet her.  A few days later, I hid her under a towel and snuck her home with me.  (Cody had no idea, even though I was sitting right next to him.  She is a very quiet cat.) 
I assumed she was a girl (yes I looked) but didn't know until I took her to the vet.  Now she is a very sweet part of our family.  She is sitting on my lap purring as I type this.  She loves to sleep with me and cuddle with me.  She has helped to fill a hole in my heart left by Fur and Lola in California.  So thank you dad for letting me steal your little friend. 

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