Thursday, July 7, 2011

California Trip

Funny how living in California we never did all the fun touristy things we should have done. Luckily we had an excuse to do them this trip! We got to hang out with all the Andreasen family and go to the Long Beach Aquarium, the Beach, and Disney Land!

After spending two hours in line waiting for a new Tangled ride, we were surprised to find out it wasn't a ride, and we were waiting for a two second opportunity to take a photo with Rapunzel. lol.... so not worth it.
She was so cute though. She reminded me of my sister in law Britta.

A happy Hyrum on the Dumbo ride.
Hyrum and Adelaide on the steps of the Haunted Mansion. Hyrum claimed that was his favorite ride. He is so much like his Mom. :)
The Merry Go Round. Photo taken right before the person in charge got mad at me for standing too close to the end. OOps!

The magical place called Disney Land.

Sunburned me and Hyrum at the Long Beach Aquarium.... Don't I look so lovely? At least the burn masks some of my acne. Ahhh... to be of English decent. :)

We had a great trip. It made me so happy to see the family and made me so sad to say goodbye. This trip was truly one to remember.

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The Andreasens said...

love the famed tangled pics:) And I vote we do this at least every few years- it was so fun!!